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Tech Line Coatings Inc

Latest News:   Ceramic Exhaust Coating Tested on KPC (Kaltim Prima Coal) 350t Hitachi excavator

The major cause of fire in all heavy mining and industrial engines and equipment is flammable liquids
 coming into contact with the
exhaust manifolds!


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  1. Would you like to reduce the incidence of fire on your machinery?

  2. Would you like to reduce your insurance premiums for fire?

  3. Would you like to reduce your exhaust manifold temperatures  to below flash point of industrial oils?

  4. Would you like to reduce the incidence of burns to employees from coming into contact with hot manifolds?

  5. Would you like to be able to work on your machinery within  5 minutes of engine shut-down?

  6. Would you like to provide a more comfortable working environment for your employees?

  7. Would you like to reduce manifold cracking?

If you answered YES to any of the
Indykote Ceramic Coating
is your answer.

Indykote Price List

Manifold uncoated:
524 Deg. F (273 C)

We checked surface temperatures with a Raytek handheld digital pyrometer.
This is the reading from the
 painted surface

Indykote IndyKrom
201 Deg. F (94 C)

We found that the ceramic coating cut surface temperatures by over
65 %


IndyKote Indykrom products are warranted against cracking, chipping and flaking for 1 year
or 3,000 hours whichever occurs first.

Fahrenheit / Celsius




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